Essays, the library, Jake, dresses, parties, dinner and WINE!!!!

Hello! Omg I have actually missed blogging!! But you will be pleased to know that two out fo the three essays have been completed!! Whether I actually pass will be a different story however the point is I completed it!! And what can we learn from this? Even if you physically cannot get out of bed, do NOT allow work in your final year of university/college/school get on top of you… EVER!! It is the biggest pain in the bum ever!! But its all coming to an end… well until next week anyway but if I can just get to friday lunch time I will have survived the worst week ever!!!! I just have my proposal to finish and I may even be done by tomorrow!!! How exciting!!

The library as obviously been my home for the last week and I so wish they had more comfortable chairs in here!!!! My bum is in danger of turning flat!!! And also, what is with the expensive and unhealthy snack???? And also I am a huge tea drinker and the cups are the size of a yoghurt cup and cost a £1? Crazy stuff!! ALso, they don’t seem to have the journals or the books you want… the amount of times I have gone to search for stuff that says its definitely there and it definitely isn’t its just so frustrating!! And its so cold in here… they keep opening the windows and I have no idea why I mean its basicalyl about to snow here!! I hope it doesn’t but it definitely feels that cold… I had to put the heating on last night and I hate doing that, my theory is put an exyta jumper on but that didn’t work last night… you could see your breath in my kitchen :s

Jake went back to nursery on monday WHOOP!!!!! I sound awful I know but we were starting to get on each others nerves!! He’s started having his lunch at the big boys table (I shed a little tear of joy and proud mummy like feelings) and he finally threw a tantrum in front of them!!! Boy were they shocked!! They didn’t believe me (because of course I would make up things like that!!) so I was secretly please, though just to state they are a fantastic nursery and all the people who work there are lovely!!

Ahhhhh my dress arrived from!!!!! It is sooooo pretty and fits like a glove!!! I cannot wait to go home and party soooo hard it is going to be amazing!!!! Everyone back home is also looking forward to it which is of course a bonus!!! And my best friend Holly is coming down for it too!!!!! We are getting a hotel room together and my mum is watching Jake for me so I am officially free!!!!! It is just too exciting to fully explain on here but ahhhhhhh yes!!!!!!

ANd finally, my lovely boyfriend is arriving on friday night and we are going for dinner on saturday to celebrate my birthday next week I am relly looking forward to it as I also have a cheeky new dress from New Look to wear for the occasion!!!! Also he has been growing a moustache for Movember so if you read this please donate it is such a good cause and I know he would be really grateful!!!! I will post the link at the end!! And finally wine 🙂 my favourite thing ever to drink in the world!! I get to treat myself to some if I finish by friday lunch time, which of course I will because I could never let wine down!!!!!

Enjoy your day lovelies, hope you enjoy this xxxxxxx

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Children are smarter than you think

It suddenly struck me the other day that there are a few things people leave out when you’re expecting a child. Firstly, your child (or children if you have or are expecting twins, triplets, etc) can manipulate you from the moment they have come out of you. From the very first wail they have you wrapped round their little finger and they know it too. And people judge you for not rushing to every single noise they make too! I took a stand because with being at uni I just don’t have the time or the patience to pander to his every single little thing and this has resulted in a pretty independent child, he’s very happy to stay with other people and gets on well with other children. Of course he will come to me if he falls over or wants a cuddle but he is very happy plodding along and doing his own thing which is just fine by me! I mean who wants a child who is always clingy and needy? Personally this to me would equal a disaster and it means the child is likely to grow up expecting you to always take care of them… so I say tough love all the way! My friends think I can be pretty horrid to Jake but the thing is, even with all their support and my family too, I am on my own, it is just us two and how can I be expected to work and study towards a bright and strong future for us if all I am doing it cuddling him and reassuring his every worry?

Secondly, routine is a god send from the word go. My mum was very much happy to allow me to attempt parenting and guide me when I needed it, however the one thing she stressed on was routine. And what no one tells you is you can beat your childs manipulation by feeding them at specific times and not letting them sleep when they want so that when you put them down after their final feed, they know that’s it and it’s bed time. *touches wood* Jake has of yet not had a night where he has put up a fight with going to sleep and his bed time has stayed the same from the word go, because again I don’t have the time for him to play up and it also means that I get my evenings free to myself. I work better during the day but recently I have switched to nights to get more done and it is brilliant to know that come half seven/ eight he will be fast asleep and I can get on with my evening. And the best bit about all of this? If you have a routine set up there is nothing stopping you from still having a social life.

That last bit really gets on my nerves. I mean why aren’t young mums told that they can still have their baby and STAY in education? You can do both and I know that when I said I would go back to university to finish my studies the midwife would reply ‘Sure well we will see’. Where is the encouragement? Why shouldn’t you go back to school? I mean of course practise safe sex first and don’t risk putting yourself in the position where you have to make these choices in the first place, but if it does happen it doesn’t mean its the end. I remember Jake’s dad and his mum trying to convince me to not go ahead with the pregnancy, and her reasoning argument? That I would end up in a council house somewhere sponging off the government with not enough money and trying to work out whether to spend the money I did have on milk or fags… suffice to say they aren’t in the picture (they’re choice not mine). I do believe it also depends on what kind of upbringing you have had, but then even if you haven’t had the best one, the midwife should still be making sure you know every single option available, and I mean every single one!

I think that’s my rant over for now… oh and also in case you didn’t know… children develop selective hearing from about the age of… six months so you know get tough and strict pretty early on. We still have loads of fun together and I love him more every day which I didn’t think was possible, but if he messes up he knows about it and he doesn’t do it twice. I am not claiming I am the perfect parent at all… the ‘you have a dad somewhere in the world’ conversation still has to be tackled at some point… but he’s happy and healthy and to me that’s a sign I am on the right track at least. Enjoy your Sundays xxxxxxx

P.S. No I didn’t finish the essay… I came close but I lack certain books so :p


The end is in sight… I think

The end is in sight… I think.

The end is in sight… I think

Well Jake is in bed but OMG what a day! Found stuff for my essay but then we got a visitor in the shape of Paul who used to go to uni here… he’s from Manchester and likes to talk I have missed hsi accent though and the way he says things 🙂 its very sweet bless him but it annoys Mike because I pick up the odd words or the accent and he believes I should speak the way they do back home. Jake has a slight obsessions with pans which I think is great, they all come out and then he gets his pencils and uses them as if they were spoons and walks around stirring what ever is in his pan! I really want to get him a cooking station for Christmas but Mike thinks it’s too girly for him… I do want to also get him a little desk and chair but if he could play with his own pans it would help me out… he threw a massive strop today because I didn’t want to use the pan he was offering me. I like that he likes to mimick me though I’m sort of hoping I can get him to enjoy cooking so we can spend Sunday mornings baking and cooking for the week (I like to stock up on soups, pies, stews, pasta, etc) and you can never ever have too many biscuits!

Whilst he had his nap I cleaned and mopped and washed up, which to be honest doesn’t sound like a lot but it took ages the sticky patches on my floor created by Jake are just so unreal! And then I did more research… on an on-line shop for dresses for my birthday…. and essay stuff too but oh gosh I have found THE dress for my birthday and it was sooooo cheap I thought why not? Its one that I will definitely use again so no problem!! The website is and the prices are brilliant so go go go!!

And finally…. only 1500 words left to go on my essay!! I am so excited to get it finished and get on to reading my book (for another lecture before you have a go!) its a detective story which I have suddenly realised are probably my favourite 🙂 so yes a busy bee! And I have just munched on my fourth mince pie of the year delicious!! I’m going to be a really good girl and drink water now though because otherwise I will fall asleep I also need to invest in some green tea! Jake was washed earlier too and as I was dressing him I narrowly missed being peed on (can you say that in a blog?) anyway yes boy has he got an aim! He almost hit me in the face when he was a few weeks old… I think its a game to him the little monkey. He wasn’t impressed that I had put his onsie to wash either but it was crusted over with cereal and smelled of his dribble :s not nice at all!! Gosh I wish this essay was as easy as writing this blog… ah well right best be off! Hope you’re having a much better evening than me xxxxx


He’s searching for signs of live through the over door and keeps saying ‘Hya’ and ‘How are you’… and last night he climbed into the washing machine… this is why it’s hard to study xxxx

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