The end is in sight… I think

Well Jake is in bed but OMG what a day! Found stuff for my essay but then we got a visitor in the shape of Paul who used to go to uni here… he’s from Manchester and likes to talk I have missed hsi accent though and the way he says things 🙂 its very sweet bless him but it annoys Mike because I pick up the odd words or the accent and he believes I should speak the way they do back home. Jake has a slight obsessions with pans which I think is great, they all come out and then he gets his pencils and uses them as if they were spoons and walks around stirring what ever is in his pan! I really want to get him a cooking station for Christmas but Mike thinks it’s too girly for him… I do want to also get him a little desk and chair but if he could play with his own pans it would help me out… he threw a massive strop today because I didn’t want to use the pan he was offering me. I like that he likes to mimick me though I’m sort of hoping I can get him to enjoy cooking so we can spend Sunday mornings baking and cooking for the week (I like to stock up on soups, pies, stews, pasta, etc) and you can never ever have too many biscuits!

Whilst he had his nap I cleaned and mopped and washed up, which to be honest doesn’t sound like a lot but it took ages the sticky patches on my floor created by Jake are just so unreal! And then I did more research… on an on-line shop for dresses for my birthday…. and essay stuff too but oh gosh I have found THE dress for my birthday and it was sooooo cheap I thought why not? Its one that I will definitely use again so no problem!! The website is and the prices are brilliant so go go go!!

And finally…. only 1500 words left to go on my essay!! I am so excited to get it finished and get on to reading my book (for another lecture before you have a go!) its a detective story which I have suddenly realised are probably my favourite 🙂 so yes a busy bee! And I have just munched on my fourth mince pie of the year delicious!! I’m going to be a really good girl and drink water now though because otherwise I will fall asleep I also need to invest in some green tea! Jake was washed earlier too and as I was dressing him I narrowly missed being peed on (can you say that in a blog?) anyway yes boy has he got an aim! He almost hit me in the face when he was a few weeks old… I think its a game to him the little monkey. He wasn’t impressed that I had put his onsie to wash either but it was crusted over with cereal and smelled of his dribble :s not nice at all!! Gosh I wish this essay was as easy as writing this blog… ah well right best be off! Hope you’re having a much better evening than me xxxxx


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