Why I proof read

I went out with a guy last year who, and this is being completely overly polite, was an awful speller and had no idea what punctuation was. Our relationship (if you could call it that), was basically based on me staying up till the early hours of the morning checking his work because he was illiterate. He claimed he was dislexic but he had never been tested, and as I said his problems went beyond the odd spelling mistake. The thing is I am not the world’s most confident speller, however if I am unsure I check and learn it, will write the word down and write the meaning so that I know for future reference and I can’t understand, especially in this day and age, how people are such terrible spellers. I can imagine that a lot of it is down to our new technology, it is so easy now to click on things and just accept what we read, but does nobody read books anymore? Or actual newspapers? Does no one take note of the differences in there, their, they’re? Or knew and new? My boyfriend got that one wrong recently…. it bugs me a lot. Also text speak. Now I admit that I used to be just as bad as the next person in using it, but then I got my blackberry and I couldn’t be bothered to be lazy anymore…. I suppose that contradicts what I have said about technology however I used mine to better my writing and spelling. Because I write so many essays, it is really important to me that things are written correctly and it annoys me when even I get things wrong!! Sorry what a rant! Anyway, I have offered to start looking at people’s work to help them and myself, because you can never over practise writing correctly and getting spelling correctly. E-mail me if you want anything checking, I promise I will not rant at you 🙂 xxxxxxx


What a week!!!!!!

Hello all!!!!

Well this has been a really amazing week!! I have never felt so blessed in my entire life and I owe it all to my wonderful family and friends. I got wonderful gifts yes, but the best thing about it was being able to spend it with all the people I really love and there is still more next week in Tunbridge Wells!! From having my boyfriend spoil me, to having my sister here all week and a wonderful meal on Thursday, it has been just utterly amazing. And the week finished with my friend Gigi’s concert. I have never heard her sing but wow she was just totally mind blowing!!!! We all had a wonderful time and her parents came up too and they are wonderful 🙂 My darling sister Molly got me more make-up from The Bodyshop so I am extremely grateful!! I got some cook books too, I am soooooo excited because one of them is all stir frys and I totally love experimenting!!!! It means I get to go to the Chinese shop in Bangor so very exciting!!! I got lovely fluffy socks and Kindles ( but you already know that!!) and it has just been amazing!!

I also did my radio show totally solo on Thursday!!!! It was amazing I felt like Fearn Cotton but obviously not as glamourus lol it was great though!! I really want to work in radio so this is great practise for me and the poeple I do work with are wonderful!

And now for news on Jake!!!! His walking is coming along brilliantly and he is really beginning to talk a lot it’s so wonderful to listen to him. He attempts to say names and understands everything you say, he especially knows how to say no and decide what he wants to do for himself which can of course get a little annoying lol, and he is also becoming really independant which breaks my heart a little. I have worked so hard to look after us both and though I have a great support system it is just us, and I hate that he is already getting to the point where he doesn’t think he needs me anymore. The worst bit this week was going to collect him from nursery and them telling me that he was sent to the bigger room with the older kids, as he will move there when he turns two in January, and him totally taking it in his stride!!! I shed a little tear, I am not ready for him to grow up just yet and to have to deal with all the things that come with him growing up, such as the ‘Daddy’ questions… It worries me to think that one day he may question how I brought him up and whether my decisions were the right ones, even though I know they were because they felt right, but is that enough? Jake is currently sitting on my lap as I type this and giving me cuddles (he’s feeling poorly) and pointing to his highchair and saying chair and requesting to sit in it, whilst coughing all over me and letting his nose run down his chin 🙂 its the moments like this that melt my heart and remind me that I am much luckier than most.

And on that note I must be off!! Enjoy your Sundays everyone xxxxxxxxx

The trouble with relaxing….

Hello one and all! I have been very abset recently and I actually felt terrible for it… even if not many people read it the point is the writing is theraputic and a lot has happened in the last few days!!! So here we go…

I finished all my essays on time!! Oh gosh it was the biggest relief to have it all done and be able to go to bed all relaxed!! I went to celebrate with my friend Harry and we went to have lunch at Options on the corner of College road!! It is delicious there!! Anyway I digress, I got all three essays done so awaiting the the results… very nerve racking and at the minute I am just so glad I got it done that I don’t care about the results but of course when they come I suspect I will be very disappointed! But there we are it is all completely my fault! Well not completely, I have had a few health set backs but still I sort of feel like once you hit 3rd year you don’t let anything stand in your way and unless you physically cannot move, then you don’t have an excuse to miss anything! That isn’t a hint to anyone just a reminder for me next time lol and also teaching myself to be better prepared for next semester!! (please take the lesson on board!!!!)

Also, it is my birthday on Thursday!!! I am going to be *whisper here* 23… it makes me feel so very old!! I know it isn’t really old but I have done a lot in the last five years that I sort of wish I could stay 22 for a few more years before I have to actually deal with even more adult related situations! My darling boyfriend Mike came up last Friday and took me out for dinner on Saturday night to La Pucinella!! A fantastic Italian restaurant just before the pier in Bangor so I recommend you go if you can!! We then went out afterwards and I got very merry!!! I suffered horribly the next day!!! I got a Kindle and tickets to go and see Rizzle Kicks in February in Sheffield!! I am soooooo excited!!!! Rizzle Kicks played at our Summer Ball this summer and they are also from Brighton which is where Mike and I come from!! 🙂 I am a very lucky girl!! My sister Molly also arrived on Sunday night and she brought up gifts from some of my family and friends, including a bottle of wine which went down beautifully despite how I felt earlier in the day!!!! My sister made me open my gifts early so I got a beautiful necklace, fairy lights from Paperchase, as well as a ceramick mug which is brilliant to take to nursery!! I also got a £30 Waterstones voucher ( PERFECT!!!!) and Paco Rabban perfume!! It is the best perfume I have had in ages!!!!! I am off for a lovely meal on Thursday with all my friends to Varsity which will be brilliant!! Jake is coming too so that will always be entertaining!!!!! Then I am off home next Wednesday and then out with friends from back home on the Saturday, that will be my chance to wear my beautiful dress from missguided.co.uk!! I am just very excited except for the age bit!

I am going to do work this week too so that I have less to do over the Christmas holidays, I want to concentrate on my dissertation and spend loads of time with my family. Jake got his Christmas present early this weekend because it’s huge and I finally convinced Mike it was a good idea!! I bought him a kitchen set it comes with everything and he absolutely loves it!! It makes frying noises and you can fill it with water for the sink (much to my dismay!!) But he does totally love it and when Mike brought it in he was going ‘wow’ it was very cute!!! people keep asking me what to get him but it is so hard to decide plus his birthday is on the 6th of January so he will get lots then too!! Tomorrow we are off to Chester for some shopping, I am so looking forward to it I have never been and have taken Jake out of nursery especially 🙂 I am so kind!!

Also on a totally seperate note, If anyone reads this and they have essays/letters/e-mails they might want proof reading please feel free to send your work and I am happy to check it for you 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying your week so far xxxxxx

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