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I suddenly realised that considering this was meant to be a blog all about Jake and myself, recently it has been all about me. So be prepared to receive an awful lot of information about him, going back to Christmas…. and if I have already mentioned some of it before, I apologise, you must remember I may only be 23 but actually I have a mental age of about 150.

Well, Christmas for Jake was rather exciting. We haven’t gone back home for so long in ages, well actually since before we moved to Bangor back in my 2nd year. So I was rather nervous, yet looking forward to him being thrown into the hustle and bustle that is the Hayes Headquarters. Needles to say there was no need to worry what so ever. Firstly, both my brothers who claim to be total ‘hard nuts’ and men despite their tender ages of 12 and 17, melted when Jake walked in. Their voices go mushy and they begin to act like well…. two year olds funnily enough. Jake loves it. He absolutely loves attention as any child his age would, but the fact that the boys were imitating him and pretending to fall over, tickle him etc made his Christmas. What made it special for the boys was that Jake quickly learnt to say their names and would shout for them all day, every day even if they were not there. Thus I was quickly forgotten…. heaven for me 🙂

The other bond that developed over Christmas was between Jake and my step dad Steve, who is known to Jake as ‘Grumpy’. The name is very self explanatory. But now that Jake can do so much Grumpy got stuck in. It was the most wonderful thing to see, man with pipe and a little boy with blue wellies running around or occasionally holding his hand. He also taught Jake how to dunk bread into his soup which is of course, essential. He did show him how a flick knife works too…. but boys will be boys I suppose. One of the lovely things to see was Jake sitting snug between Grumpy and his Granny, offering biscuits to Grumpy, actually forcing him to have a bite, and laughing hysterically at everything that he was doing.

Thanks to all my family members this Christmas, Jake’s vocabulary has gone from strength to strength, as well as his walking and his appetite, giving him a belly to match anyones… oh and if you ask Jake, he will lift up his top and shout ‘my belly’. It brings tears to my eyes writing this, being away from them is really painful. Apart from my friends, my mum and Steve have been my constant support through everything from the day I announced I would be keeping Jake, to them driving all the way to Bangor to help me prepare for an operation (which was then cancelled). They keep me sane, give me the most wonderful advice, and never judge me. But the best thing about them? The fact that Jake doesn’t have a dad becomes irrelevant when you look at the family that he has. Jake will never ever think to himself that maybe he missed out having a dad because he is constantly surrounded by a family that would do absolutely anything for him. They are our rock. And he will learn so much from them, how to be a good, honest person, who takes responsability for everything… sorry I am half ranting and half prasing my parents. Basically, we wouldn’t be who we are without their love and support.

Right, I am now utterly freezing and must prepare for lectures. Have a wonderful day and remember to look round you and think, actually you are blessed, even if all you have may seem small, it’s usually more than others have.



And so it begins

I decided to have a search for places to rent in London…

I wish I hadn’t, luckily I don’t have to worry just yet. Still, would be nicer to know that it would be quite easy to find a decent place to live and not for a rather silly amount of money. It would also help if I knew where I was looking and what job I had to support myself and Jake. On a rather sad note, I keep chipping my nails, I should really have more milk or use special cream to help them, but I am so very lazy. I wish they would just magically appear every morning all beautiful, long and shiny, without a crack or chip in site.

And on an excited note, I am off to Manchester at the weekend for a friend’s leaving do. Him and his girlfriend are off travelling for five months (no I am not at all jealous), and so we are going to have a few drinks. It will also be a ‘leaving Jake over night’ thing, I always get nervous, even though I am leaving him in the most trusted and capable of hands. As much as he can irritate me, I do love the little monster… go figure.

Hope the weather isn’t getting you down, where ever you might be.


The power of a little moan

A quick one…

I mentioned how much i wanted chocolate as we have none in the house…

This has resulted in Mike going to Tescos to buy some…

A little moan goes a long way.

Give it a try xxxxxxxxxxx

My inability to learn the word NO…


Well I managed to really annoy Mike today… I would love to say that it was a fun experience however, it was not because in the end he was right… it’s okay to say this on here because I am pretty sure he hardly ever reads these 🙂 but it is not nice having to admit it, plus it is completely my own fault. I have no idea why I cannot say no, but I can’t do it. It gets me into a lot of trouble though because some people take advantage of my stupidity… hold on need to check my stew…

Right, sorry its a new stew pot and I have never made ox tail stew before, it sounds awful but believe me it is delicious! Anyway totally off topic, back to how stupid I am. Saying no is really easy for me to say it to Jake, in fact it has become my most used word when it comes to him. However, anyone else and I cannot say it, even if it means putting myself in difficult situations, or things that I do not want to do, I cannot say no. The worst thing is if people then add a sob story… then I will bend over backwards to say yes to everything someone might need. How do I get out of this?? Oh yeah you are probably wondering what I couldn’t say no to that annoyed Mike… it was broadband as it happens. I seem to have said yes to a ridiculous deal when there is cheaper out there, after he spent two hours checking for a better deal, and I said yes anyway. Luckily I can still get out of it, however he was not impressed at all. Who can blame him I hear you say, but think of me and my stupidity…. and take pity on me please 🙂

I promise to try and say no more often… well I will try anyway.


A new semester…


Did you all think about the word blog? I did. A lot as it happens, I am going through an extremely pensive week and quite frankly I could do without it. I hate being pensive, it makes me think about everything and usually leads me to do a lot of procrastination and I am in fact attempting to stop that. It also isn’t wonderful when Mike is here but there we are. If there was ever a time to invent a pill that made your brain concentrate on one major thing at a time, now would be wonderful.

Anyway, rant time over. I have had a wonderful start to the semester so far which is shocking considering how much I wasn’t looking forward to coming back. Not because of the people, because I can honestly say hand on heart, I have the most amazing friends in Bangor, they are very much like my family and I don’t know what I would do without them. However, I was dreading coming back to deal with all the work. I am so sick of studying. I want to go out into the world and work, earn some money and start making a home somewhere… whoops I did promise to stop ranting didn’t I? Anyway, Mike drove us back and on Monday night everyone came over and I made home made Chinese from a cook book I got given by my friend Gigi for my birthday!! It was an apparent success and what is most important to note is that after all the frying, my house didn’t smell at all. I was shocked!!!! I then had my lectures yesterday, the first one I am really excited about because its all related to publishing and I really would love to have this blog published one day, so its great to be learning about something I will one day use. However, the second lecture is not at all what I thought it would be. And I have just had to order a load of books from amazon at a total of £100 for it :s not at all impressed. I almost fell asleep…. never a good sign.

On a much happier note, Mike (mberwicklandscape.wordpress.com) was meant to leave on Tuesday night… he then decided to stay until Wednesday morning…. amd it is now Wednesday evening and he is sat here beside me and he won’t be leaving until Saturday 🙂 very excited about this however… I definitely feel like we may have shot ourselves in the foot slightly. The thing is we did all of last semester with seeing each other every 2-3 weeks and we coped really well (he claimed for a long time before we got together that the long distance would be a struggle *cough men are stupid cough*) and then we saw a lot of each other over Christmas and obviously this week will be a while until the next time we see each other, so it is going to suck on Sunday morning 😦 but the really crazy bit is that though we have an amazing time being together and want to be together for a while… we are definitely not ready to live together on a permanent basis. He has been helping me get my house a bit more ship shape which is great, but then he makes suggestions and I say well hold on a minute… it’s my bloody house!!! So we shall see how that progresses 🙂 in the mean time I am going to make the most of it!!!!

Jake has gone back to nursery and has apparently only been asking for Mike… and after next week, he will be moving up to the big kid’s class 😦 I am definitely not ready for this. I am looking forward to seeing how he does though, and whether he will tell anyone off. Over Christmas he got into the habit of not only shouting ‘no!!!!’ at people, but also to point his finger, raise his eye brows, and say in a very stern voice ‘don’t do that’. It is very funny. I absolutely love that child and do not want him to grow up, but I do want him to drop this clingy habit he has developed :s so if anyone has any ideas please get in touch!! He was never like this so it’s a bit frustrating for the both of us I think.

Also, the first customer I had for my proof reading work went really well and I met him and got paid yesterday, so that will hopefully grow 🙂 remember to get in touch if you have anything you would like checking.

Right best dash, Mike is wondering what I could possibly be writing about… men are really thick at times xxxxxxxxxxxx


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