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Well this is so weird because I am writing this blog through my very own iPhone!! What a strange turn of events! I would do it through my laptop but Jake is currently using it to listen to his music so it’s out of bounds. He isn’t sleeping at the moment either but you know the power of not going up there has to be strong!! It has been a really good week, have settled in nicely and the weather has been amazing!! I have a beautifully tanned upper torso and will be going to the beach again tomorrow very exciting!! I’m also buying a car and have my trial shift at the Bar and Grill in tunbridge wells on Thursday so all exciting. The only annoying factor this week has been the issue of Jake’s nursery. I want to work. Shocker for someone in my position but I do, I want to work and carve out my career and earn money and buy a home and live my life. But there is a problem with this life style. Nurseries here in Sussex are stupidly expensive, I mean it’s just stupid who on earth has this amount of money is beyond me. Unless you have won the lottery then that’s okay, but as I haven’t yet then nursery at the moment seems to be out of reach. So I’m looking for a child minder instead but you know I think they might be slightly expensive too. But why do I do? Do I not work and live on benefits? No because that is not who I am. I refuse to give up, I will work something out but not working is definitely not an option. Anyway, Jake is still screaming and my powers of will are dwindling… I’m a very awful parent.



Settling in


You will be pleased to know that we moved from Bangor and arrived safely into our new home in East Sussex. The weather has been constantly pleasant, even on the day that we left Bangor, which does feel like a slight slap in the face because I was feeling ever so miserable that day. It was harder than I thought to walk away from the place that had been my home, that had been where Jake had grown into the wonderful, tantrum throwing, stair falling, laughing, jumping little boy that he is. I have made friends that will last a life time, I know I sound mushy but I’ve never had friends like these. Anyhoo… I miss Bangor and all the people in it.

I am back in Sussex though, and tomorrow I am off to see where I will be working which is exciting… I mean it is but oh I so wanted to get a job that was ever so slightly related to what I want to do with my life. I am going to start advertising my proof reading skills on a free lancing website so that will hopefully get me going in the right direction.

I must dash, jobs to apply for and exercise videos to do, my life of excitement never stops.

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A very quick small tiny insignificant thing…

The point of my blog is to let people know how I juggle my life with Jake and go to university, but most importantly and I hope this has come across in some way or another, I want people to know that if they make the decision to go ahead with an unplanned pregnancy, it does NOT mean that you have to give up your education or your future. You can do both, and with the right support you can do both.

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Moving sucks. I mean it really, really sucks, and I don’t care if you are moving half way round the world, or simply switching rooms with your sibling moving sucks. End of.

I have cleared out and given away as much of my stuff as I can, yet I still seem to have accumulated enough crap to last me at least another year. I don’t get how I manage it because with age, I have found myself being less messy. However, I am also a bit of a hoarder. Now when I say a bit, I mean I still have love letters and photos and birthday cards that most people might have chucked by now, so it is sort of my own fault. But mainly, I blame Jake and his need for toys, and clothes, and just general rubbish that inevitably comes with having a child. People think that having two children or more would also mean that you have to accumulate more crap, however when I have another child, and even if I will finally get a girl, they can share Jake’s toys- I refuse to add to the collection of crap.

Anyway, that rant is over. For now anyway. I feel so weird not having university work to do. I sort of *looks around nervously and whispers* miss it. The routine more than anything and also, the security of knowing exactly what you are doing. Today, has definitely not been my day and it has shown me how insecure things can be. Firstly, Jake called me a munter, twice. Secondly, my estate agent turned up and claimed that apparently I was supposed to be paying the water rates all year, so I may get a nice heafty bill even though the water company haven’t been in touch. And to gently place the cherry on top, man with a van cannot move me this weekend. So you know, just a very slight glitch in the whole ‘moving on from university plan’. But as I say only tiny. This is why I hate moving.

I did however, proof read a piece for a my regular and he is going to self publish, so that is exciting. And my brother got me a job, full-time work I will have you know. If you are ever in Tunbridge Wells, pop into the Bar and Grill and come say hello.

Must dash, I need to get my beauty sleep… I’ve been told I need it.


It’s officially the end


Um gosh… it’s really been a while now hasn’t it. Whoops!!

The thing is, after the third day I sort of got stuck into my work and well, I FINISHED IT!! I bet you are as excited as I am by that news 🙂 I worked my butt of, and after this particularly hard year I finished. I feel weird though, I should be more excited or feeling more relieved, but I don’t think it has quite hit me yet to be honest. I did get really emotional on Jake’s last day of nursery though. That was really hard because they have looked after him, they have helped me bring him up since we came back, when he was just nine months old. I doubt I will find a nursery as good as that anywhere else, so very sad. Also, trying to pack with Jake now in the house is not going well at all, I was meant to start today but have had to run around with him. Granted, I also had to do a proof reading piece but still, it’s really hard. He is going through a wingey annoying stage which I find hard to deal with. It’s my own fault because I want him to be independent, I need him to understand that because it is just us, I am busy and cannot have him be like this. However, he is two and doesn’t quite get the fact that we are moving on Saturday and I need to be left alone so that I can pack up an entire house. I hate packing, it is the worst thing in the world and incredibly expensive. I wish I was able to just point a wand and do it all in one small flick of my wrist… but ah well!!

Ah yes, we are moving. Except that my plan fell through. I just thought that even though it’s hard to find jobs, if I began to look as early on as possible it would be fine, I just didn’t think I would find it hard. I’d get my job, move to London and it would all be wonderful. Except it hasn’t happened like that at all. I am having to go back home, to rent rooms from a friend (she is absolutely lovely and a total life saver) and get a job waitressing. I mean I have a degree (hopefully), how on earth can I go back to being a waitress?? I know I sound so snobby and arrogant, but I didn’t do all of this just so I could go home and be a waitress. I want more from life. But on the other hand, it is cash coming in and it means that I can keep looking for something else, and keep doing my free-lance work too, so win/win right? Also, the family is really looking forward to having Jake closer and they are free baby sitters!!

Anyway must continue with packing!! Will keep you more informed on this week.


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