Home Sweet Home


Well the exciting news is that we have finally moved into our new home. I now also refuse to move again unless one or both of the following happen- I get a once in a life time job offer; or Mike gets me pregnant. I can safely say the second option will only happen if I bribe and drug Mike… Which I won’t obviously because one child is currently more than enough. Saying that, would people mind not having gorgeous baby girls all around me? It’s utter torture. Or at least have the decency to swap them for Jake.

Ah Jake. This morning, after discovering that I was only going to be working three times a week and all would be evening shifts, I quickly rang the nursery informing them that they won’t need to charge me for this week as Jake would not be attending. I though to myself you lucky, old bag, it would be like practising for the long 6 week summer holidays. Within roughly… Five seconds I regretted my decision to keep him with me. What a bitch hey? The thing is that you can’t see inside my house. And currently, it looks like the 17 year old former self collected all the former ‘crap’ she use to horde and casually dumped it. Everywhere. Along with all the crap that comes with having a two year old, rather hyper active boy.

But I thought to myself, no you cannot moan. You’re the lucky one, being free to enjoy this weather (sorry I’ve potentially just jinxed it) you have your son, so do what you can in the morning and then go out into the beautiful sunshine. Bollocks is what came to mind. You can’t sort out a house when your delightful baby wants to watch every DVD you own. You certainly can’t take items upstairs when that said child wants to go run around the very small, not properly enclosed, shared patio area outside, because lets face it, that’s just stupid.

I calmly made lasagne for Mike ready for when he came home, (I say home but I mean my home because you know… That step hasn’t taken place yet…) but Jake had other ideas. He wanted to watch postman Pat, who by the way now delivers your mail in a variety of different vehicles and also owns an iPhone.

I feel old today. I need ideas for activities to do with a two year old that will not break the bank, and are more exciting than going to the park. Please advise accordingly.

I’m going to sleep. Hope you have managed to enjoy some of this wonderful sunshine.



An era

Today I spent the day with people I went to Bangor with, as well as Mike and Jake. There aren’t many words that I can use to describe just how wonderful the time I spent in Bangor was. I know that earlier in the year I might have had a moan, but it was never about the people. I made a family in Bangor, not just a group of friends. I haven’t ever had friends like these, and I can guarantee you I was lucky, extremely lucky. So thank you Bangor for everything and everyone, I wouldn’t be the person I am now if it wasn’t for coming to this university.
Hope you’re having a good evening.

To Jake

This is a post for Jake, one that he can come and find one day to let him know just how much today meant to me, and what it means for us.

Dear Jake,

Today mummy hired a gown along with a lot of other people. We all had to wear silly hats which made our hair look awful, and have long capes which made us all look like odd super heroes too.

Today, mummy collected her degree. This degree is important and symbolic for a number of reasons. It’s important because it means that mummy is able to work and get a job which brings home lots of money for us. It is important because it shows the world that mummy worked very hard to be able to give you all the things you receive. It’s symbolic because it proves that I have made the right decisions since you came along, and all for the better, and that a lot of other people were wrong.

Thank you Jake, for all the strength you gave me through the final two years of my degree. Thank you for being patient, for doing your best to understand what I needed, and for putting up with mummy when she was extremely over tired and bad-tempered. Thank you for all your cuddles and kisses, for making me laugh, for teaching me to be a little more relaxed, and for looking at everything in a different manner. Thank you Jake for being mine, for being my escape route when things got tough, and for reminding me that if things don’t go to plan it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Above all else, thank you for making it completely worth it. I know I may have complained or moaned, but believe me I never meant it. Without you it would have been futile and pointless, and I may never have gotten to the end. To have you in the crowd today as I walked the steps was incredible, I am so glad I was able to have you share it with me, and I hope I made you proud.

Thank you for being the best thing I ever made at university.


P.S Congratulations to anyone that has graduated today from any kind of school/college/university, I hope you had someone with you to share it and make you proud.


Where have I been?


You’ll never guess what. I am going to my very own graduation next week. My actual graduation. Not only this, but I actually get to graduate with everyone else. That is right. I did it, I passed my degree. Admittedly, I got this piece of news roughly… four weeks ago but hey, who’s counting? Why have I not shared the news sooner? Well, I’m not really sure to be honest. At the time, I was shouting it from the roof tops and had a grin the size of a banana on  my face. I am still feeling that wonderful, the problem is I have been rather busy too. Work has sort of taken control of my life, and as I don’t tend to finish until one in the morning, it because difficult to keep one’s eyes open long enough to right. Down right shameful if you ask me, but there you are.

Anyhooooooo, yes I passed 😀 I got a 2:2 and for me, that may as well have been a first!! I know there is a massive difference between the two, but I have worked so hard, and so many people believed that I wouldn’t do it. It feels like a massive middle finger to those and a jolly good pat on the back for me. Of course there are some people who I would gain an immense amount of satisfaction from rubbing their nose in it, but as you well know I am above that sort of thing. Boasting is just so uncool and unsporting. As long as I know that’s all that matters.

The best thing was knowing that I did it with Jake at my side. Can you imagine if I hadn’t had in my life? I begin to wonder if I’d ever stuck at university, or whether things that I have done and people I have met would have ever happened. Fate is sort of funny like that. I’m just glad I did it. One thing though, a very small thing. And it is something that I believe I have touched on already. People believed that going back to university after having a year out was an amazing thing in itself. Then there are those who believed that doing university full-time with a child would be difficult enough. The thing is this. If you have a child at a young age, and you are in the middle of education, go back. GO BACK. Get your GSCEs/A Levels/Diplomas/Degrees/Masters what ever they may be go get them. I can’t stress enough just how much of a difference that little bit of paper will make to your life. Besides, education is life changing in more ways than just your career. It changes you as a person, it changes your views on the world and the people in it. It also helps you to shape your opinions and your views on the things that you are passionate about. It’s amazing to know that you can go into these rooms and voice your own thoughts and opinions, or try your skills at something you think you might be really good at. It’s like being able to go and do your hobby all the time.

I had an amazing conversation today which a potential employer. We were discussing English and how relevant it would be to the job. I found myself saying that English ‘enabled me to understand people better, it gave me a sense of being able to see into the minds of the people who had written such amazing things, and thus helping me to understand other people better too.’ It probably wasn’t quite as articulated as that, but certainly words to that effect. Anyway, I thought about it afterwards and realised that I have never ever said anything like that before. But it was 100% true. What’s more is it made me realise how much I had enjoyed studying, and how much I miss it now. Hence this post about carrying on with your education regardless. Whether you and your partner are bringing your child into the world together, or whether it’s just you and your child/children, or whether your entire family has sided against you, go back. At the end of the day, your child will become pointless if you haven’t got an education. I realise this sounds quite harsh but it’s true. Answer honestly, what can you do for your child if you cannot get a decent job? I love Jake more than anyone in the world, and I would do anything for him, but I can’t do anything if I don’t have a decent job, something that both him and myself can be proud of. This is why I went back to university, I wanted to have something to be proud of, and for Jake to know that I didn’t let him down. Unlike some others I could mention. But we won’t go there, because that’s just unkind 🙂

Anyway, Jake is throwing paper so I must dash, hope you have had a wonderful day.


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