Ready to burst


How are you? Have you enjoyed your weekend? Are you looking forward to your Monday? Lets not joke shall we 🙂 who on earth looks forward to Mondays? Well, I am because a week tomorrow I shall be in Malaga with Jake and Mike, sunning myself and relaxing on the beach- Perfect!! In the last few weeks I have caught myself smiling as I am walking down the street, or staring out of the window and just feeling totally content. You are quite free to vomit. I have been looking at my little family and feeling so very blessed. We have been quite lucky over the last few weeks and been able to have so many amazing moments together, even if they have only been for 20 minutes here and there. Jake is growing faster than I care to think about, but he has become to very cuddly and in need of me, it makes me feel happier than I have ever felt. Going to bed with your best friend is also an amazing novelty. We have had the odd argument, but it never lasts. We are so happy, and after all the things that worried us about being together, we wonder why we ever worried. I am gushing… sorry. It’s just I am ridiculously happy.

Anyway, enough of making you feel ill. This last week has been an odd one. Jake has begun potty training, and all I can say is this- before the week started I would have chewed both my arms off to have another baby sooner rather than after my planned age of 25. Now? I’d quite happily wait another few years. It is absolute torture, and the worst of it is that once you start you cannot stop. It’s almost like forcing someone to detox. I love Jake to bits, but don’t forget the fact that he is extremely lazy. Remember he didn’t start walking until two months before his second birthday. So potty training is painful, and with the coming holiday, it is just a dread because you cannot go back to nappies once you have started. I mean not at all. It’s also annoying because there are times where it seems that he has got it. He will let me know in time that he needs to go, thus treats or chocolate are administered. If you ask him where we go for a wee, he screams at the top of his voice ‘in the POTTY!!’ I just wish he could learn it and stick to it.

Jake has also started a new nursery. He is totally loving it. He settled in so well compared to his last nursery, and seems to be learning lots which is brilliant. His speech is really coming along and he has hit the ‘why?’ stage too which I have been looking forward to. He is also extremely bossy… I haven’t a clue where he gets it from. We went shopping today and he was so well behaved, no strops. I could honestly talk about him for ever. It’s weird because I knew I loved him but recently it’s something else. He just completes me. He comes into bed with us and demands a cuddle and a kiss, it completely makes my day. It’s sad sometimes to think that there are people out there who do not want the small things that Jake brings to life, but there we are.

We are so excited about our holiday 🙂 it’s all the things that are happening after that are adding to the excitement. You see… I got a job. An actual job, one where I can build a career, build a future and I get my life back. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there is nothing  wrong with waitressing, we all have to be patient and pay our dues. However, I am  so ridiculously happy. I am free and finally have a toe upon the step of the ladder that leads up to goodness knows where, but somewhere further and better and brighter.

Anyway, I need to hit the sack because I still have one final week of work and then going to see Professor Green and then pack… 🙂 I hope you are jealous because if I were you, I would be wanting to scratch your eyes out 😉

Enjoy the rest of your evening.



And so it begins


This is really a quick note. I have begun to potty train Jake. So if you happen to have any tips, please leave some I would love to know what you might suggest.

Gotta run, hope you’re well.


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