Quiet on the Kentish front….


Bit quiet isn’t it? It’s been sort of busy… And I also feel like a slight hypocrite at the moment so it was hard to pick up a phone/laptop to jot it all down.

After all my rants about working and benefits eurgh… It’s just so typical. Of me to you know… Stick my foot in it. You see we get a little help towards Jake’s nursery fees. Problem is his nursery fees are more than our income. So we decided that its just ridiculous. For both of us to work full time and not get payed enough to just keep heads above water. So I sadly handed my notice in last week so I shall be home more… I do need to get better at cleaning.

I will of course use the time wisely; I might pick up a few A levels and maybe look at a part time masters course. Who knows. What I do know it that life after university, after that dreamy gleam of always meeting up with your friends for a cocktail after your work day has ended, or being able to buy what you like because you have a regular wage… That can work if you land on your feet. Otherwise we need to start changing our dreams to prepare for early mornings and long hours. To not being able to enjoy afternoons in glorious sunshine like we’ve had today.

See I’m a hypocrite because I’m moaning but about to stop working full time. I need shooting I am an awful human being.

In other news… Jake tried to persuade my sister to let him wear my pink frilly pants. You see I really do have important issues on my hands.



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