A pain in the butt


Look two posts in a month… Your lucky month 🙂

I love Jake to bits, I’m pretty sure you already know this. However, there are days when I just don’t get him and he doesn’t get me. And so we clash. You know what is really annoying about arguing with a three year old? When the year old talks to you like you use to talk to your parents at the age of 14. He is so cheeky!! I cannot for the life of me work out how he’s worked out how to do it either. I’m assuming that you are also experiencing wonderful weather; I decided to take Jake to the park and we had a wonderful time for a good hour and a half. Home time did not go down well. As I said, I love him but he came very close to being left there today.

He is being very funny at the moment. He keeps putting Mike on the naughty step, which I love. He also says crazy things that only I can understand. He did tell me yesterday that I’m not his best friend anymore… That changed when I produced a biscuit 🙂 bribery is amazing when dealing with kids.

I am so desperate to give him a brother or a sister at the moment… It was my Mum’s birthday on Monday and we talked about all the crazy stuff we did when we were younger (I’m one of four) and I want him to have that. It’s just so tough; I don’t know how people manage. Unless you are both on extremely good wages, children are expensive. Which means one of you has to give up work, which is what I did. Well full time work anyway. Child care is just absurdly expensive. I just don’t know who thinks its okay to charge £1,400 a month. And if you have more than one child? You pay double. It’s insane! That’s what I need to do, run a nursery. Problem is you have to love being with kids 24/7….

Anyway, enjoy the weather.



Everybody’s changing


Oh dear, I am getting rather bad at this. Not that I am envisioning you sitting at you screen waiting for a post, but that is neither here nor there. I have been extremely busy though, and that is not a lie.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you about today was the change in people that I have noticed in recent months.

As you well know, I am getting on a bit in years. I am really lucky in that I have a lot of wonderful friends and family; the amazing thing about them all is when we meet up, we always put the world to rights. Between us all, we have had a lot of experiences. The thing is this; people change. Recently, we have realised that not everyone will accept that. Look at yourself, and think back to what you were like when you were…. 16. Then compare it to when you were 18. Finally, compare that to how old you are. Do you look back and cringe a little? I do… not because I am ashamed, just because I always find myself wishing that I had known at 18 what I know now. Saying that, we all know that it wouldn’t matter because you would still do all the same stuff anyway.

The most important thing is that you understand the changes are meant to happen; everybody grows, sometimes not always for the better but they do. You can luck out though, and be surrounded by people that are growing up at the same rate as you are. Or…. you can be unfortunate and be surrounded by people who are at a totally different point in their life. Worse still if you are in love with someone years behind or ahead of you.

I am really bad… I can’t stand people who sometimes don’t grow up. Everyone is allowed to act childishly once in a while, but at some point you do have to learn.

Anyway, something for you to think about.





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