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Sorry, i realise that it has been a while but I have been busy with work and we have also just moved house. As you can image this means a slight upheaval. As we have had to move house, we decided it would be best if Jake was taken out of the nursery he was attending because it made no sense him going, whilst we had moved, and it was also slightly pricey. We have been sending him to a child minder who is THE best person in the world.

I am slightly baffled by child care however, and the government. I mean, whether you have kids or not, live is generally tough. I think this to be true even for those who have lots of money, because I’m convinced whilst it is nice to have it, it comes with a lot of its own problems. Thus, everyone is struggling in some form or another. Kids are just a way of making it more fun. But, I don’t think that the government can sit there and talk about doing all they can to encourage people to go back to work, when the cost of childcare is just so astronomically expensive. I mean, people just can’t afford to be spending this much, especially if they have less money in the first place. Before we started getting his 15 hours a week, our nursery bills were averaging £1,400 a month. And just so you know how nurseries work, you pay whether they are there or not, including bank holidays and I’m told, Christmas and Boxing Day too. Also, if you have more than one child at the same nursery, you pay £1,400…. per child. Have you fainted yet? No? Good, I need you to pay attention. 

Now you know me, I don’t want hand outs. I don’t want benefits and money from government and tax payers, as I’ve always said having Jake was my decision. I didn’t go round asking the nation if they would be okay with it. So when I heard about the fact that when children turn three, they start getting 15 hours a week free, I thought ah… our prayers have been answered. Not so. Because there is a catch to these hours and how they are used. You won’t get the full 15 hours if your child doesn’t go to the nursery full time. They start using the phrase up to a lot, and you start losing hours you are supposedly entitled to. But Mike and I figured we would be fine because we were both working full time, so with the 15 hours we would be fine. We have worked out that even with the 15 hours, to be able to afford child care, especially it appears here in the south, you both need to be earning a minimum of £30,000 a year. Oh and that’s each by the way. Pick your jaw off the floor.

So we needed to make changes. I was lucky enough to find the perfect job and part time, and Mike was happy to become the main bread winner. And we thought, okay well the child minder is fantastic and cheaper than the nursery, plus we will still get our 15 hours, so it just makes sense. Except, the government, because they are so kind and generous, no longer allow child minders and nannies to be allowed the 15 hours…. They have to take an extremely expensive course that takes anything from 15 weeks plus to carry out and then pass an exam… and if they don’t then you’re a bit buggered aren’t you? So we now have to reconsider everything, because whilst the child minder is not as expensive as the nursery, its still £800-£1000 a month we just don’t have.

So my point is this, if you want the people of this country to go back to work, and to stop pissing people off by giving out so much benefit pay outs, why not ban nurseries and child care providers from charging so much money? If you go out and speak to people, there is actually only a small handful that are happy to just be given money, to a lot of people its disgusting and degrading. I also know that to those who really need it, its a life line and that is fine. But I know there are people out there who want to work, who like earning their own money. The government are still making it too easy to stay at home. Be honest, if you knew that you could earn more by staying at home with your family, then wouldn’t you want to do that?

This subject annoys me a lot. I’d be interested to see what you thought.

Anyway, aside from that, we have just moved into a cheaper and just utterly perfect house. with a garden that Jake disappears into every day. It’s amazing! I also realised that, despite the fact that Mike and I have been going for nearly eight years, this is the first time that we have gone house hunting together. And we didn’t kill each other! It’s our anniversary in just under two weeks and I am hoping for flowers. Lilies to be more specific, I love lilies and perhaps a box of Lindor chocolates. Oh and perhaps a ring of sorts… who knows hey? 😉 


Right, I suppose I best go. Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine!



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