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So, Jake has not really been mentioned in a while and considering the blog is meant to be about him… well I have failed somewhat. The problem is I am having a slight crisis at the moment because he’s going to be four in January. Aside from the fact that I feel the time has gone too quickly, I also don’t think that I am old enough to have a child who is nearly four. I mean come on, did someone just press fast forward? I already have to deal with the fact that I am going to be 25 this year… AND the most awful thing? I’ve found two grey hairs on my head… This is me obviously settling into my mid 20s and early 30s… shoot me now!

Anyway, Jake started pre-school this week… can you believe it? I know it isn’t quite school but still, it’s such a huge step. He has become this talking, walking, singing, dancing, person with his own thoughts and opinions on the world. I admit some of them are slightly out there, but he’s doing all these things and I keep thinking to myself, I need to capture it, I need to stop and treasure it. Problem is, life gets in the way and the days go by, and then he’s doing lots more things that I haven’t been able to keep up with. It certainly adds to the feeling of failing as a parent. Because really you shouldn’t make excuses should you, I mean it’s your child… I feel horrendous.

Aside from all this, he’s also now fully potty trained and can be pretty moody at times too 🙂 sometimes it’s like talking to a three year old version of my 13 year old self. Does that make sense? He is so stubborn (can’t think where he gets it from) He knows exactly what he wants, and everyone else is a bit stupid… I’m just currently trying to persuade him not to watch Oliver and Company for the millionth time in a row. Oh also, when do kids begin to understand time scale? We made the mistake of telling him that we are going on holiday at the end of October and every day he asks about when we are going to the plane and the beach… Wouldn’t change him for the world obviously, but the time thing is so annoying. Also the ‘why’ stage. My goodness if I could go one day with no ‘why mum’ it would be heaven. Because no explanation is ever satisfactory. In fact, I dare you to take him on and get to the bottom of the endless why’s until you tell him something that he is satisfied with.

Alright, think that is enough of a catch up. I think I have managed to add instagram to the blog, so you can see all the videos and photos of his ever changing persona.

Have a great weekend.



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