A winning argument


I thought you’d like to know that last night, I managed to make Mike look stupid. I assure you, this is an incredibly hard thing to do, but I finally managed it.

We are off on holiday soon, and as you know we now have a cat. To make sure the cat is happy whilst we are away, Mike decided to get the cat an automatic cat feeder for when he’s outside during the day. He got it off eBay, where he also purchased more train tracks for Jake, and both packages came at the same time.

Mike got home and started opening the packages. One was wrapped in brown paper, the other wasn’t and was simply wrapped in brown tape. So I asked Mike, is that the cat feeder? Of course he was very quick to put on his stupid voice and say obviously it is, and how I really need to start wearing my glasses more…

I calmly pointed out that the box he was unwrapping had a picture of an electric kitchen scale on it.

And I’d just like to remind you that he does wear glasses. All the time.

Up yours Mike, plonker.



Not for me


Today has been spent mostly shouting, and it has made me realise that I hate money. It just ruins everything, and it tends to turn me into a horrid, sulking child. It also causes me to get cross with anyone around me, and sadly, Jake has taken the brunt of it today. So add a good dollop of guilt, and I feel like the world is caving in slightly. The thing that really killed it today is the fact that I had to call Scottish Power for the seventh time today. We left them nearly four months ago when we moved, and we are in credit by a substantial amount. I say substantial because it is to us, to you it may seem like a drop in the ocean, or more money then you’ll ever see in a life time. Anyway, we have been fobbed off with every possible story you can think of, from a faulty system that can’t put the money into your account, to no ability to send a cheque, to the money never having been released from the holding system. The amount of ‘guarantees’ I’ve been given, you’d think it could have been sorted pretty quickly. They also apparently have a phone system that will keep you on hold for up to three and a half hours, along with helpfully rude staff who decide to cut you off so that you can dial back in. I finally got through to someone last week, and the ever so efficient telephone system of Scottish Power sent me through to someone in the home department, and even though he wasn’t in the right department, he listened to me, promised to find a manager immediately and get the money released within five working days. He kept an eye on the account and gave me his personal work e-mail address. No money appeared though, and after being alerted, he quickly looked into it and assured me the money had been released yesterday and should be in my account, he’d had word from the manager. In the mean time, I had spent some time writing some pretty angry e-mails to the customer service department, and they kindly informed us that we would have to wait another 10 days for our money. So naturally… I saw red. Within two minutes, someone (a manager of sorts) rang up and my god did he get an earful. I went nuts. I explained that had it been us that owed Scottish Power some money, they would have sent the bailiffs round after a month, let alone going over four, and added a generous amount of interest. I also pointed out that sending cheques is not beyond the impossible, and with all the money that they make, surely it does not take four months to fix a dam repayment system. I got the ‘I can sympathies with you madam’ speech, which of course sent me over the edge. No you stupid idiot of a man, you can’t bloody well sympathies. You don’t get what it’s like to be living in the real world where bills have to be paid on time and in full, and you don’t get that companies will not wait for you to get the money together. You don’t get what it’s like to have a child to support, to feel ashamed every time you walk in the door because your partner is doing most of the wage earning, to feel guilty for being so cross over what most people would assume is a small amount of money, and to sound like a completely crazy woman for shouting down the phone. When did it become okay for companies to employ idiots? And when did it become okay for companies to feel it acceptable to bash out daft excuses, like the general public might be too stupid to work out what might be going on? It’s just so frustrating and so tiring. But, at least I am realistic, and sensible, and I know how to live in the real world.

Doesn’t take the guilt away though. Poor Jake did not have a very patient and understanding mother today. He had to wait for Mike to return home after a 12 hour day to have someone to play with. And that literally kills me. So I have some serious making up to do. I hate doing this to him, but sometimes my patience completely goes out the window. It will be okay in the end though, I’ll work harder and try harder. And it has made me realise that I never want to be one of those people who has so much money that I don’t realise that some is missing. Every penny counts, and Jake has to learn that too. Brutal aren’t I?

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day. And in case you didn’t pick up on the underlying message, I wouldn’t touch Scottish Power with a ten foot barge pole, and I recommend you do the same.


Growing fast


I think I need to do a slight update on the main star of this little blog. Shakey Jake (apologies but if you remember the milkshake adverts, you’ll understand why I love it) is doing extremely well. He started pre-school at the beginning of September, and I can honestly say I haven’t seen him this happy since Christmas day. In fact, we are now able to punish him by threatening with no school… though how long this might last is a different story. He is learning so much, and it is a joy to be able to collect him every day and listen to all the new things that he has been doing, and the new friends that he has made. The great thing about Jake is that he is just so easy to get along with, and he is so happy to do everything, so people tend to love having him. Saying this, they don’t see him at home, and that is a slightly different story.

The comments that he can come out with are just out of this world, and we now really have to watch what we say, because more often than not, he will repeat it. In fact the other day, I asked him to do something and he replied with ‘mate, no.’ You can imagine my shock. Compared to Mike, I am pretty tight on manners and behaviour, and that comment went down like a tone of bricks. We have started a sticker chart, just to sand down the bits that we want improved, which I know can sound terrible but I just can’t stand bad manners. Yesterday, I was out for dinner and a little girl was being allowed to run riot around the tables. She then kindly jumped on my foot. What did her mother do? Just asked her to calm down and then allowed her to keep running. Not okay. Mike thinks I over react because Jake can at times miss-behave when we are out, but not that badly at all. I know I sound a bit fussy, but I like being able to take Jake out with me, and if he doesn’t behave then it isn’t fun for anyone.

Anyway, school is great and he is growing so fast. We are currently in the process of putting lots of photos into frames to put around the house, and it was so sad that I couldn’t quite remember what it was like when he was three months, or when he was a year. I found so many wonderful photos, I’ll put some in at the end. There is a good side to this and that is that I appreciate the time that I do have with him. That’s why I am so fortunate to be in the job that I am in. The flexibility means that I don’t miss out on things. What worries me is that a lot of people have said that time goes faster with the second child, but we will wait and see, I’m hoping people are wrong and I luck out 🙂

You know what is great about Jake is the shopping. And H&M have fantastic bits at such great prices. I got Jake these wonderful orange trousers and Mike thinks that he looks like a dustbin man, but he looks so cool with his little boots and cute jumper. I wondered for a while if I should have gotten him into modelling but maybe there is still time? I say this, I certainly don’t have the face or the correct features for modelling, but maybe Jake lucked out 🙂

We are off on holiday in a few weeks and Jake is so excited. In fact we all are as it was a bit of a surprise from Mike! And the most exciting bit is that the holiday is all-inclusive which means a) I do not have to cook for an entire week and b) it’s slightly like an open bar! Those are all qualities for an excellent holiday! It will be so nice to have a break just the three of us, this year has been so busy for us, with new jobs, new careers, new schools, and our weekends always seem to get jammed, so it will be so nice to just stop for a week. I am so tempted to abandon my mobile and just take lots of disposable cameras, I normally only take two but they get such great photos.

We also need to start taking Jake to swimming lessons, so the holiday will be a good way to start that off 🙂 he is like a fish in the water, he loves it so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long. The other thing I’ve noticed is that Jake loves to sing and act. They’ve said at school that at his age, it’s very unusual to see a child already able to play act and make up different scenarios. You can imagine just how proud and happy I was to hear this! So perhaps acting and singing classes might be an idea too? Although, at some point I shall have to give in and become a ‘soccer mom’ which I am not looking forward to. I want him to play rugby, but Mike says no. I’m not a push over, he just loves to put his foot down once in a while, and I obviously have to let him 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the photos. Let me know if you come up with any suggestions to the things I’ve mentioned. Outside perspectives are always good 🙂


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Growing quickly 🙂

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