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It has been a manic few weeks, and it certainly won’t be slowing down until after the new year… which is weird to think about because we still have some time left, but there we are. We came back from Portugal and hit the ground running, as we have been looking at *insert hysterical sob here* schools for Jake. Can you believe that it is really time already? I honestly feel like he only popped out of my bottom yesterday. You should see him, he is growing faster than we can keep up with, and looking at schools is just another one of the many things that have changed recently. Cast your mind back to what you were like as a teenager. Speaking for myself, I know I was horrific. I mean from the age of about 11 I was just a monster. So you can imagine our utter shock and surprise when we realise that Jake is already showing signs of my attitude… at the tender age of three. In the last few weeks, the idea of just popping him on eBay to find out just how much he might fetch me has been an extremely appealing idea. Of course I wouldn’t, but it does not mean that I should feel bad about being tempted. The thing is though, that most people see Jake and talk to him and spend time with him, and say to me ‘My gosh isn’t he just such an easy child.’ And I think to myself, okay I’m obviously missing something. I was until my mother in law pointed out something. She explained that Mike and I had a tendency to forget that Jake was in fact three, and that to expect him to behave as we would is well… slightly stupid. Of course I secretly thought no, she cannot be right. Because as much as I love him, that would mean that I had turned into my dad, because that was the way he was with me. But she’s right, we definitely do expect a lot of him. And you know the worst realisation? We behave this way and then wonder why we feel like he’s growing up too fast. So we are trying to stop being so hard on him. And to try to be patient, because we definitely do not have any of it. And apparently, as a parent, it helps to have some. Who knew?

So schools have been looked at. The biggest thing going on at the moment is the preparation for Christmas. This is quite a shock to me too, because as you know, I normally don’t have anything to do with Christmas until after my birthday. However this year, it’s all different. I’m putting it down to the following things; firstly, we have been making a lot of jams and preserves, secondly, I have already steamed my Christmas puddings (a tip from Jamie Oliver), thirdly, and this being the most important point, my dad and step mum, along with Mike’s mum and step dad, are all coming here for Christmas day. Now you know me, I love to entertain. This is partially why we are always so busy. But can you imagine what the pressure is like cooking for your dad who’s a chef?? Massive. And also, though I have cooked successfully for him in the past, he doesn’t let go of the fact that the very first time I ever cooked for him, I served him burned egg fried rice with broad beans. I also burned three of his pans. I say all this, but it has gotten us excited. We’ve started making Christmas cards, and done a fair amount of Christmas shopping. It’s actually been quite handy because it means we can spread the costs. Food is going to be the biggest expenditure this year. But we love food so that’s really okay.

And, most importantly, next weekend it will be time for my birthday celebrations. I’m turning… 25. God makes me feel ill just looking at it.


It’s okay… we all have the same relationship with technology


I read a recent post about how guilty we can be of using our technology, watch the video and read the post- http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20131102175726-32720-why-are-we-checking-our-smartphones-150x-a-day

Now, I won’t even bother lying to you, it isn’t worth it and too many people will be happy to rat me out. I am on my phone a lot. It is a constant joke with both my family and friends, and I even get told off by Jake sometimes. After I saw the post, I tried to remember what I was like before I had a phone, before technology took over. When I was about 14, I went with my family to Devon to celebrate New Years, as my aunt was living down there at the time. At the party I met a guy called Toby. We hit it off straight away and exchanged home telephone numbers and addresses. We wrote letters, though sadly I no longer have them, and would speak on the phone every week or so. I remember it being a lot of fun. My friend Danni the make-up artist; we got the bus together to school and would write each other letters to read on the bus. I know that there are some people who are still like that, but let’s be honest, it isn’t many of us, and it certainly isn’t a lot of people who I know personally. In fact, I sent postcards whilst I was on holiday, and I got laughed at by Mike but it was nice to write a note, even though I don’t think any of them have arrived yet.

We just don’t write anymore. I mean yes, technically I am writing right now, but through a laptop that will share the post within seconds. That’s why I got so excited when my step-mum got me an old type writer to say thank you for helping out in the shop. One of my earliest memories as a child is writing on a type writer. It is taking me forever to get the right ribbons so that I can actually use it, but I am so excited. Which makes me think that there is some hope for me yet. Or is there? Here is the thing; what ever you might say, you use technology every day, without fail. Companies rely on technology more and more for quick and easy contact with customers, and to attract more business, as well as using it to keep up with the rest of the world. You can’t escape it. But where do you draw the line?

Mike and I have both agreed that Jake will not be allowed a mobile telephone until he is at least 13. I had to wait that long. And to be honest, what do 13 year old kids have to talk about? Recently, we have seen how technology has played a large role in teenage suicides due to online bullying. So I need to do what I can to protect Jake.

I say all this knowing full well that I cannot give up technology. I use it on a daily basis for work and to keep up with friends. But I can certainly cut down. The holiday showed me that, especially due to the horrendous roaming charges phone companies will try to lumber you with, I can manage for an entire week without even texting anyone. I read a lot. I read Cheryl Cole’s autobiography and it was brilliant, judge all you like but it was. So how do I do it? I’m going to try to be in the moment more. So no checking my phone when I am eating dinner, or with friends and family, or more importantly, when I am with Jake.

I get the feeling that people may protest a lot, but I think it’s safe to say they would be lying. I also suspect that people won’t try because everyone is doing it. It’s just so hard isn’t it?


Memory loss


I am having a total mental blank at the moment. Before I went away, I was thinking about a great post to write about. For the life of me I cannot remember what it was going to be about. I assume that means that it wouldn’t have been very interesting, but there we are.

So yes, we went away to Portugal. It was a great holiday. We spent seven days together 24/7 which was amazing because we never get to do that. Obviously we are together every day, but in between all that there is work and school and… house work? I don’t but life gets in the way. So we got the opportunity to just stop, and it was brilliant. Whilst the weather wasn’t promising when we first got there, it did clear up and we were at the beach every day. The hotel was incredibly tacky, but it had a pool and we taught Jakey to swim 🙂 I feel like I’ve been a bit terrible because he’s nearly four and hadn’t been to any swimming lessons, but he picked it up really quickly because he loves the water, and we are going to be taking him to lessons after Christmas. We also took Jake to ZooMarine which is a massive place with dolphins, seals, and birds etc. It did rain 🙂 but it didn’t matter which made the day even better. When I was little, I think about six but I could be wrong, my aunt took me to a place where they had dolphins and did dolphin shows. I went back with my mum and family, and I got to go on stage to stroke the dolphins and then got pulled round the pool in a boat! Jake didn’t get to go in the boat because of the rain, but when the rain stopped he had a photo done with them and he loved it! He had a lot of pictures with animals actually, so perhaps he will work with them when he is older? We also discovered that he loves the stage and having an audience. So acting too it shall be!

Anyway, that was our holiday. On the whole, not the most exciting post I’ve ever written, but when you’re suffering from memory loss…


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