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I was having a thought the other day; people have a slight obsession with making plans for their lives based on a specific age.

For example; I have recently heard the words ‘having a baby/getting married should be done at the age of 27’ Why 27? A lot has to happen at 27. People seem to think that by this age, not only do they need to have a family or be married, but that their careers should be perfect too? I mean don’t get me wrong, fantastic if you are 27 and have hit these massive events. But why do certain life experiences have to happen at a certain time?

You know me, if I could, I’d have had another baby or two right after Jake. Not because I’m desperate to have a million of them, but because I love the idea of a big family and for Jake not to be an only child. But it does make sense to have a job, a home and a stable relationship. I started mentioning the idea of adding to our family and was met with the following ‘just because you decided to have Jake really young doesn’t mean I should have to as well.’ This tends to annoy me for three reasons 1. Because I do not think that I was that young to have had Jake 2. I chose to have him because the alternative for me was personally unthinkable, and 3. At what age is the ‘right’ time to have children? I didn’t realise there was one.

I do believe that things happen for a reason. I use Jake as my example because it proves my point. Had I not had him, I do not think for one second I would be where I am today. And also, these events that happen don’t have to be massive to have some kind of an impact on you right? What ever they are, you will know that they have changed your life in some way.

And a final point… And not to be morbid but what if you don’t make it to 27? Or whom ever you have made plans with doesn’t? Throws a slight spanner in the works. So makes more sense to just enjoy everything and if things happen… well you’ll just have to adapt won’t you?

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day.



Lets catch up


I feel like I might have skipped over quite a big event this month, it being Jake’s fourth birthday. So, being the kind person that I am, I thought it would make sense to fill you in!

Can you believe he is four firstly. I mean to me, I still look at him and see a baby. But he’s this very independent, chatty, thoughtful, smart, funny, beautiful little ray of sunshine who just never fails to make me smile… even if he’s the one that’s annoyed me. We gave him his very first birthday party with some of his close friends, which he loved. Then on his actual birthday, we had our family and friends over. I made a cake, an actual cake! I haven’t done that since his first birthday, how terrible is that?

The biggest thing about his birthday is always the same feelings I get every time it rolls round. Firstly that he keeps getting bigger, growing at a pace that I cannot keep up with. Secondly, it’s the generosity that always overwhelms me. People are naturally generous when it comes to children’s birthdays. But it does always throw me how great people are with Jake. I mean firstly, they remember; this is shocking because I am terrible at remembering people’s birthdays. secondly, people get him beautiful cards and presents! Things that they know he loves and wants like puzzles and card games. Most importantly, people have also been considerate and started listening to Mike and I when we kindly ask for no noisy toys!

So thank you! We get such lovely compliments about him, and it’s really down to everyone who has always been in his life and has made such efforts to help us raise him.

I know that I might come across smug or like I’m boasting, but I’m just so proud of the person he is growing into, and I feel like the people who have helped and loved him so much deserve to know that their contributions have made a mark on him.

Anyway, I’m now off to do work!

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A quick note to let you know that I have created a new blog specifically for Laboro Marketing Solutions!

So please visit for all information on the business, blogs on marketing and social media, and my latests posts on companies that you should be visiting!



Laboro Marketing Solutions to kickstart the year!


Happy New Year!!

And what better way to start off the year, than by starting off with a new company? Laboro Marketing Solutions has been set up by myself (obviously) to offer companies in Kent and Sussex bespoke marketing and social media packages that suit exactly what their companies need. What I mean by this is, rather than just going in and creating generic social media messages, or generic press releases, I will help you tailor everything so that you are sending your messages out to the right people- your customers. The packages available can be adapted to businesses, as well as being able to request specific services such as just blogging, or copywriting for websites and press releases. Visit the website for more information! As for my wonderful blog, I will be using it as normal and I will also be writing about specific articles and information that will be useful for companies looking to increase traffic to their websites, and customer outreach!

It’s all a lot of fun and games. Hopefully I don’t fall flat on my face…

In other news, our son turns four on Monday and I have just applied for him to go to school in September… So I feel like I am about 95.

Have a good evening.


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