Wedding bells


Hope you had a great Easter weekend! Mine was definitely one to remember!

Our friend from university has finally taken the plunge and walked down the aisle with his wonderful bride. It was by far one of the best weddings I have been to since my dads. I have never been to Scotland and we were really blessed because the weather was absolutely gorgeous. On top of that, we were surrounded by rolling country side and scenery that made you think you were on the set of  The Sound of Music. In fact, even though I am not allowed to sing, I did secretly hum Doe a deer…

The biggest thing about this wedding was the honour we felt at being able to share in the couple’s joy. It was a wonderful group of friends that were invited, and it was great because we were all able to catch up. the wedding party was in total about 70-80, but the bride and groom had gone to the trouble of informing everyone who everyone else was, so the wedding felt more like one big group of friends getting together rather than two.

And oh my gosh the Scots do know how to party! The dancing was by far my most entertaining part; Mike and I don’t usually tend to dance together because once I have a drink or two… I become much better at it than he does 🙂 but he led me round the dance floor and we swung round with everyone else., and to top it off, I didn’t fall over or break my ankle!

My mum was quick to ask how it made us feel about getting married, and honestly? It was amazing to see them do it, and it did fill us with joy 🙂 However, it also made Mike hyperventilate and made me think, no it’s okay, I can definitely wait a while longer! Not for better things, it’s just so much pressure and responsibility, I honestly think we currently have a mental age of about 18 so definitely not our time… yet 🙂 I did catch the bouquet though and thus have given him a 15 year window in which to pop the question. So that is fair 🙂

On top of the wonderful weekend, we left Jakey for five whole days with my mother in law. It was hard but definitely the right thing to do because he had so much fun being with his nan, and we were able to relax and fully enjoy ourselves. When I say Jake really enjoyed himself, I do not joke. We went to collect him yesterday and he had the world’s biggest melt down. He was not impressed about having to come home the cheeky devil.

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend 🙂 and got lots of chocolate. I got none. None what so ever. Mike is a bastard.



Future plans


It has been a while… The last few months have been non stop and I feel like we are just beginning to settle down. Well, sort of anyway.

So the last time we spoke, Jake had just celebrated his fourth birthday. It’s still a shock to say that, though i have now had several months to get use to the idea. Next week we will be finding out where he will be going to primary school, which again doesn’t seem possible. Recently people have been telling me how he has really grown and his face has lost that baby quality he still had… There was me thinking you guys are completely nuts, because to me he still looked little. There is a picture of Jake on our stairs from our holiday in Portugal, and compared to his face now, it would seem there is about a years difference, not just a mere few months. He has become taller, and more sure of himself. His attitude at times would give you the impression you are dealing with a smart arse teenager… but he’s just four. He is making us extremely proud though; not just with school, but with his behaviour and his general personality. All parents are bound to feel biased towards their children, and we are no different. But there have been a few examples of where Jake does appear to be shinning through.

So that’s what has been going on, or some of it anyway. Last weekend saw us visiting my mother in law for a belated birthday celebration, and talk turned to the future, and to what would happen if one of us died.

Morbid right? Mike has sadly in the space of a year lost both his grandparents on his mum’s side. We also get reminded on a somewhat regular basis that we should make wills, and if we can manage it… funeral arrangements. Now if you know me well, you will know that talking about death is not something I do. It makes me feel sick and will bring on panic attacks. My mum likes to remind me that though everything in life we cannot be sure of, dying is definitely something we will all do at some point. My granny came to stay with us recently and tried to talk to me about it. It sounds so selfish, but I can’t do it. So how on earth can I sit down with Mike and talk about the possibility of me not being here? Or worse still, him going before me? (I know that bit sounds weird considering I’m so scared of death, but the worst bit is thinking of me having to live without him)

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