Of course I forget stuff…


So totally forgot to mention the fact that my brother did a 24 hour trip from Ibiza to make sure that he could be there for the day; that was the best surprise.

And not forgetting Jake’s wonderful God Parents; not to sound totally morbid, but we know that if anything happens to us, we are leaving Jake with the best people.

And a special mention to my wonderful best friend Abbie who did a reading for us in church 🙂 she was wonderful despite her nerves and it meant so much to us that she was willing to do it 🙂



The gathering of a lifetime


So we are still trying to get over a momentous event in our life, Jake’s Christening. I say get over, and I say we but not sure why because Mike has nothing to do with this… so what I actually mean is I am still trying to get over it, but I don’t want to get over it. If I could relive that day all over again, I still don’t think it would be enough. It was without a doubt the BEST day I have ever had in my entire life. I will go as far as saying it will be the best day ever in my entire life. Even if I get married or have other children, not because I won’t love it all as much, but because it is Jake, and because it was his Christening, nothing can touch it.

You know the story, you know what Jake I have gone through together and how our lives have been affected by the constant support and love from our family and friends. So to be able to share this day with all of them was amazing. Above all else, to share it and to have Mike by my side. I said this all in my speech so I won’t repeat myself, but my gosh can you imagine what it’s like to do something so important, so meaningful, with your soul mate, your best friend? I hate myself for saying it but it is true.

Anyway, it was a gathering like you’ve never seen before. Imagine roughly 80 people, a mixture of family, friends and general acquaintances, those people who you absolutely have to invite even though you don’t want to 😉 squeezed into the most stunning church with the rest of the village at Rotherfield, being let by a Reverend who has married my parents… And at the front of it all, this four year old who when asked what it would mean when he was Christened would respond with ‘I’ll be best friends with God.’ Because that’s what I told him. The church, St Deny’s, is over a 1000 years old, as is the font that he was dunked into. One of the most beautiful things for me was that because religion has come such a long way, his Christening will mean that his grandchildren, HIS GRANDCHILDREN, can get married there if they so wish to. I am hoping that by then they will have come up with a way to keep us alive for longer just so I could be there for that, but oh it was just so special and so beautiful. Jake also wore a stunning shirt made by my very own mum, so he looked just like Christopher Robbin 🙂 I start to tear up just thinking about it.

We then made our way to hall. This hall which was massive, until we filled it with a blow up under-the-sea tunnel, diddy cars and enough food and alcohol to keep us going until the apocalypse. It was hilarious because I was so adamant that it would absolutely not be a boozy sort of day. But when you have that many family members in one room, you will need all the prosecco that you can get your hands on.

So thank you. Thank you for being there, thank you for supporting us through everything. Above all else, thank you for helping me get the perfect family. I am so blessed it makes feel sick, so goodness knows how sick you must feel 🙂


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