What a year it’s been


Well it has been one hell of a year. Real ups, downs and wtf moments that leave you speechless. 

Who would have thought that 2016 would be the year that Donald became ruler, Britain would prepare to exit the EU and that we would lose so many stars, so many incredible people that changed the lives of so many. I realise it could sound slightly dramatic but I still find it hard to think that Alan Rickman died. I imagine there’s a name in the list of people we lost this year that you find difficult to digest. 

The world itself has become a scary place. I think an eye opener has been the hurt humans can do to one another. Again, maybe a little dramatic but humans have not been kind this year. Of course that isn’t for everyone. Some amazing things have also happened and all because of the act of a few. I think that’s the thing to hold on to, the thing I plan to pass on to Jake. There is power in just one person doing something good and amazing. I know I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a couple of incredible women this year who remind me daily that one small, kind act is powerful. 

From a personal perspective, life has been interesting. I’ve had the fortune to travel to some amazing places, meet inspiring people, strengthen friendships and most incredibly, work out what’s important for me. It’s taken a while and a lot of mistakes but I think I’m finally getting there. 

I decided, upon hitting the grand old age of 28 (I know, I know I’m a dick) that things had to change. I needed to change. In all honesty, I don’t particularly feel like myself at the moment. But I think I can see the light and I’m beginning to think I know the steps that need to happen for it to all change. I realise some of this, or all of it sounds dramatic but then, everyone struggles with different things don’t they. I just realised that I need to be happy and like myself, which is ironic really because that tends to be the advice I give to people. 

Jake. Well, where to start? I definitely feel like I’ve achieved a better balance this year. You’ll remember the post I did about trying to be with him more and balance work etc. I have travelled a lot this year. But it’s been a positive thing because it means when I’m home, I’m home. I’m with him and enjoying time with him. What’s been a real highlight as well is that I was able to bring him with me on one of my trips this year. To share that with him was amazing. 

The thing is I just love to travel. I am slightly lazy but actually being still and not going anywhere is hard. I get itchy feet. I discovered this year my son is the same. 

Biased I realise but Jake is growing into an incredible person. He’s clever, funny, and so confident. The confidence bit scares me a bit because I don’t have it. For Jake though, nothing seems to scare him and I hope he never looses that. 

So this year really has just been a bit of a crazy ride. I am exhausted more than anything else and do look forward to kissing it goodbye. 

2017? No plans more just making wishes and enjoying each day. Definitely travel more, learn more, grow in general. Most importantly I want to find the person I was and be a little bit selfish. I want to be happy. Don’t want to die regretting anything. 

I know – corny as shit. 

Happy New Year x


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