Merry Christmas


Wow. Today was intense right? Surrounded by family and friends, or maybe you’re with new family members or you’ve just had a new addition. It’s all a lot.

Mine has been so weird. I mean, I knew it would be hard but gosh, did not feel like Christmas at all. With Jakey not being here and things the way they are, I have felt lost at times and even I have noticed how quiet I’ve been.

My youngest brother has been amazing at checking in on me, and generally just pulling me through. It’s odd enough for us anyway being four brothers and sisters. So with just the two we felt like we needed to really go the extra mile.

I spoke to Jake in the morning, thanks to some excellent advice, meaning I didn’t get fobbed off. It’s just weird you know? There’s someone who is meant to be there and they aren’t. I’m sure you’ve all felt this at times.

I’m just grateful because I have people around me and some aren’t as fortunate.

So whatever you’re going through this Christmas, I hope you have the people you need by your side pulling you through.

I get Jake tomorrow and I cannot wait! I suspect he won’t be as thrilled but there we are. I missed speeches from him today so that’s what I’ll update you with tomorrow!

Merry Christmas



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