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Standard line – it has been a while.

A lot going on as always, working, Jake getting bigger and nearly as tall as I am… general day to day stuff. Learning a lot though, which is always handy I think. This year I turn 30, and whilst I realise that is not the biggest of milestones, I definitely think it is going to be a turning point for me. However, today is not about me…

I had a bit of a life lesson from a really good friend of mine and felt compelled to share it. I’ll give you an overview of what she has been through, and see if it makes a difference to you like it did to me.

She has had one hell of a year. She was in a very negative relationship but wasn’t able to see it until she came out of it. She spent the year losing bits of herself, giving up huge parts of herself and managed to get help. So that in itself is amazing.

Then recently, she was completely side-swiped and swept off her feet by a kiss. Sounds mad doesn’t it, but it was that total love story moment. She was kissed by someone she had known for a long time, someone she admits she had never seen or thought to kiss. But that kiss changed her completely. I remember her face when she told me about the kiss. It was like she had come back to life. And the guy, well. So far removed from what she would normally have gone for, but he was perfect for her. Smart, funny, interesting, and an adventure. This is crucial to her because that was what she was in need of. She just never thought it would be him giving it to her.

My friend has a tendency to get over excited really quickly, so I think she got a few warnings. Not because it wasn’t a good idea but just because she has such a habit of going from 0 – 60 in a short period of time. She almost gets intoxicated with that feeling of happiness and what things can lead to. She still thinks she’s going to get married at Blenheim Palace… It’s what I love about her, her endless positivity. So yeah, she got a few warnings and a few funny looks when she told people about the kiss and him and beginnings of their relationship, but then she said herself, when you know, you know. She knew it was never going to be a fling, it was never going to be a small moment. When she explained that to people, they quickly changed their tunes.

So the two of them embarked on an amazing adventure. I mean, they were amazing together, and brave, they had the odds stacked against them. But oh my god you should have seen her face. She looked like she was permanently on a high. Made me think how amazing that one kiss could open up so much for someone. Changed them completely. And all for the better.

She would tell me a lot about how she felt, the fact that she hadn’t seen it coming, how much better that made it. She discovered him and herself through him. It was so beautiful to watch, especially with what she had come through in the past year.

So I was slightly blind sighted myself when she told me, just 3 weeks later, that it had ended. Like I said, they had some odds stacked against them, which I can’t go into. What surprised me though was this – she looks in pain, like it hurts to breath. She thought she had more time, a chance to take it somewhere amazing. However, she isn’t angry with him. Frustrated and angry with the outcome, but not him.

More surprisingly, she is just grateful she got the 3 weeks. She knows it’s going to hurt like hell for a while, and she’s got to go through the whole getting over him process. But she said it herself, she came alive. And hey, 3 weeks isn’t a long time, but like she said, when you know you just know.

My friend is managing, early days still but she is soldiering on. And they are going to be the best of friends, because you can’t share a moment like that and not be. It is sad that they couldn’t work over the obstacles, but don’t take that as a sign that they weren’t meant to be. Far from it.

So what is the point of this story? Moral of the story is this – don’t settle, not for anyone. Life is short, amazing and beautiful. And maybe you will only get 3 weeks like she did, but they may be the best 3 weeks you have and could lead you on to something so amazing. And oh god be spontaneous! Kiss them, kiss the person you have been wanting to kiss for days, weeks,months, years. You have no idea what it can lead to, but the not knowing is far worse than the trying and it not working out.

For me, it was just amazing to watch the two of them completely fall for each other. Sounds really weird, but it has given me faith. I am a huge believer in fate and what is meant to be and not be. So this made me more determined to keep the faith and not to settle. Maybe that means I wait for a kiss for a long time, or maybe I will kiss the person I have wanted to kiss for a long time. Who knows? It’s kind of exciting, the not knowing. Just don’t settle, that is going to be my motto. And you shouldn’t either. No matter what, don’t settle. It is not worth it.

Keep the faith



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